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Sead Muftic

Dr Sead Muftic, SETECS Technologies, United States


Sead Muftic is working in the area of computer security for more than 25 years now. Dr. Muftic began his computer carrier with IBM in 1971 as systems engineer. In 1973 he started his Ph.D. studies and completed them in 1976 at The Ohio State University (Columbus, USA). In 1974 he received his M.Sc. degree and in 1976 he received the Ph.D degree in computer security. He is actively working in the area of computer security since 1974 and therefore has more than 25 years of experience in that field. Dr. Muftic was the Coordinator and the main author of the international research project "COST-11: Security Mechanisms for Computer Networks", sponsored by the Commission of the European Communities, with about 20 participants from almost all countries of the EU. He was also participating in the EU/ESPRIT SYSMAN project working on security in distributed systems, as the coordinator of the DSV Team and in the EU/ACTS GAIA (Generic Architecture for Information Availability) project. Currently he is involved in the EU/ESPRIT ICE-CAR (Infrastructure for Certification in Europe) project, US Social Security Administration "Channel Convergence" project, and US Governmet Bridge CA project. Sead Muftic is the founder, president and CEO of the SETECS AB, the Swedish company working in the area of security and electronic commerce systems. The company was established in 1998 and participated in several EU and US projects. It has customers in Sweden, UK, Greece and USA. In 1997 as the founder he established Entegrity Solutions Corporation (San Jose, California, USA). During 1997-98 he served as the Chairman of the Board, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. In that period Sead Muftic was cooperating with VISA (Internet security system) and with SUN (Java security). Prior to this job, he was the founder and the President of COST Computer Security Technologies CST AB, the company in Sweden, which transferred all its products and customers into Entegrity Corporation during their merger. Dr. Muftic is also the professor of computer security at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. He is responsible for the specialized Security Laboratory at the Department and also for the Master's specialization program in computer security. He is currently also the professor of computer security and secure E-commerce at The George Washington University (in Washington, DC, USA) and at University of South Europe (Monte Carlo). Dr. Muftic is the author of three international books in the area of computer security and about 50 research and scientific papers, published in research journals or presented at international conferences. He has been the area coordinator for computer networks security at the EUTECO'88, European Teleinformatics Conference (April 1988, Vienna), the guest editor of the "Computer Communications" Journal special issue on security (June 1994, England), the member of the Program Committee and the invited speaker at the 11th international IFIP/SEC Conference (May 1995, South Africa), the session chairman at the 3rd International Conference on Systems Integration (August 1994, Brazil). He was the member of the New York Academy of Sciences (1994-96) and the member of the ABA Digital Certification working group (USA). He was participating in activities of the Internet Security and Privacy Working Group (USA), in CEN/ITAEGV activities on secure APIs, and he was also often invited to consultations and meetings by the European Union (Brussels, Belgium) for computer security. Dr. Muftic was the technical reviewer of the SET v 1.0 system, the reviewer of SET v 2.0 smart cards extentions, and the member of the VISA/Master Card Business Review Panel for the SET system. Dr. Muftic holds two registered US patents: US patent no. 5,745,574 (Security Infrastructure for Electronic Commerce Transactions) and US patent no. 5,850,442 (Secure Worldwide Electronic Commerce over an Open Network).

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