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Margaret Waithaka

Ms Margaret Waithaka, Export Processing Zones Authority, Kenya


Ms Waithaka is the Manager, New Investment,  at the Export Processing Zones Authority in Kenya.  Kenya’s EPZs contribute 9% of national exports, employ 31,000 people in 80 companies and are the major source of Kenya’s third largest merchandise export –clothing manufactured for the US market.

 The EPZs also provide attractive incentives for export oriented service, manufacturing and commercial firms including tax breaks and exemptions from various regulations. Call centers and business process outsourcing (BPO) firms locating in the zones can enjoy these incentives.   Ms Waithaka is in charge of business development, investment project appraisal and  linkage development at the Authority.  

She holds a B.Sc. Degree in Chemical Engineering from Leeds University, UK and an MBA from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada.  She has diverse, international work experience in the petroleum industry,  in cross cultural training and   in  private  sector trade associations.  She has also served as a investment program consultant to UNDP, South Africa office.

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