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BROADCAST & FILM AFRICA 2010: Africa’s broadcast and film leaders to gather in Nairobi this month

10/07/2010 +0000 GMT

User Comment(s)  | By Sean Moroney

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Over 60 African and international broadcast and film leaders will make presentations on a wide range of media industry topics over the two-day Broadcast & Film Africa Conference in Nairobi over 28-29 July. They will be sharing knowledge and experience with industry managers and professionals from throughout the continent.

The speaker line-up is an impressive gathering of industry thought-leaders and represents a unique educational and networking opportunity for Africa’s rapidly expanding media sector.

The conference programme has been designed by Russell Southwood, a leading analyst of the African media sector and publisher of African Broadcast, Film & Convergence e-letter. He will make a keynote presentation in the conference on the changes in the industry across the continent over the last two years and the changes affecting its future growth.

This will be followed by an opening session on “Africa’s new free-to-air and pay-TV challengers”, with leading lights in the broadcasting industry making presentations, including Euan Fanell, CEO of Wananchi in Kenya; Lara Kantor, Group Executive of eTV in South Africa; Mactar Silla, Chairman of the Association of Private Producers and Televisions of Africa; George Twumasi, CEO of African Broadcast Networks; and Joe Frans, CEO and President of Next Generation Broadcasting in Sweden. According to Russell Southwood, “Alongside the Pay TV challengers, there are a new set of Free-To-Air broadcasters springing up, particularly in those countries that have liberalised. These new competitors are seeking to steal the more established companies audiences and are putting further pressure on Africa’s beleaguered public broadcasters. This session will address these key issues.”

Other conference sessions include:

• Getting local content through advance sales, commissions, sponsorship and co-productions: The economic rules of the production game.
• Delivering broadcast output in new ways
• The Digital Transition – How can Africa make this work for broadcasters and audiences?
• Broadcast regulation – Holding the industry back or spurring it on?
• FM radio stations – How to compete in a crowded market place
• Programming – Getting the most out of themed channels
• In the danger zone – What should broadcasters say or not say?
• After Nollywood, what next? – Getting African film seen across the continent
• Multi-platform strategies – Creating something that is more than words

The event includes an exhibition to provide a showcase for latest technologies, services and systems that will enable film-makers and broadcasters to achieve world-class standards in the digital age. 

For full details of the conference, email [email protected]

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