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Broadcast, Film and Music Africa 2012

10-11 July 2012

Oshwal Centre Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya


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Some of the delegates pose for a photo on the first day of the conference - 10 July 2012!

The continent’s leading business & technology event for digital media and creative content 


Theme: Innovation, investment and partnerships for local content and service excellence


Vision and Highlights 

• Over 400 participants - The largest annual gathering of broadcast, film, music and other electronic media and content creation and distribution professionals in sub-Saharan Africa. 

• Developing a technology and business path to achieve digital triple-play in Africa.

• An annual gathering of the continent’s rapidly growing electronic media industry.

• The continent’s leading business and technology event to serve the creative content and electronic media industry through an integrated educational and marketing platform. 

• The fourth conference in the series will provide a stock-taking opportunity for stakeholders in the audiovisual content and electronic media industries, and empower them with the knowledge and business contacts they need to build Africa’s media future.

• A unique opportunity for the media and entertainment industries to connect with telecom service providers.

Confirmed Speakers 

• Christoph Limmer, Senior Director, Market Development and Marketing, Africa, SES, Luxembourg

Gary Rathbone, Head of Africa, Supersport, Kenya

Eric Idiahi, CEO of Spinlet

Envir Fraser, (BArts Hons; Postgraduate Diploma in Management) - Head: Research, Regulatory & Policy, Convergence Partners, South Africa

Manu Savani, director of Gala Entertainment, USA

George Twumasi, Deputy Chairman and CEO, The African Broadcast Network, Senegal 

Phil Collins, Managing Director, Clyde Broadcast Products, UK

A representative of Mokolo/Goethe-Institut, Nigeria

A senior representative of Cote Ouest, France

Mabiala Mbeka, Administrator and Media Analyst, Comocongo

Corinne Lozé, Executive Director of Orange/

David Svarrer, CEO, Digital Age Institute, Kenya

Paul Ojil, MD, Solstice, Kenya

Santos Okuttah, MD, Eziki, Kenya

Dr Ann Overbergh, Audiovisual Arts expert

Brian Whitehead, University of the Creative Arts Surrey, UK

Julian Macharia, Deputy Programs Director – Radio, Royal Media Services, Kenya

Daniel Obam, Communications Radio Technology Expert, National Communications Secretariat, Kenya

Samuel Attah-Mensah, CEO, Omni-Media, Ghana

Joel Rao, Business Analyst and Account Manager, InMobi, Kenya

George Kimani, Business Development Director, Continental Content Distribution, Kenya

Abubaker Kawenja, Journalist/Broadcaster/ Theatre Practitioner, Uganda

Phil Collins, Managing Director, Clyde Broadcast, UK

Lillian Marenya, Country Manager, Enablis Kenya

Hannelie Bekker, MD Programming, Wananchi Group, Kenya

Vivien Marles, Managing Director - Africa, InterMedia, Kenya

Programme Outline 

•Content Development and Production 

Africa’s audiovisual market: Overall analysis of production levels, budgets and financing ecology

Success stories and hurdles

Content that Africans want to watch: Local African content vs. International content suitable to African audiences

Genres: Animation, documentaries, films, TV series, news, sports, kids programmes, games

Financing African audiovisual content: Banks, VCs, angels, crowd-sourcing, web-platforms, distributors, funding and awards events.

A survey of production incentives from around the continent

Co-production opportunities

An assessment of the large production companies and studios in Africa

Rights issues and protection; piracy

Programming in the new digital age: Engaging with your audiences through a multiplicity of channels

How is social media working for advertisers?

Digital archive initiatives: Keeping a memory of African history and culture which film-makers can re-use. A survey of initiatives so far.


• Increasing the business value and spread of educational programmes.

• Marketing African content to the world

• Creatives’ viewpoints: driving quality local content to regional and international audiences.

• How to monetise digital content.


Nollywood matures: Achievements and challenges

Can South Africa’s production model be applied across Africa?

African music: A new revenue stream

Animation: A new frontier for African electronic media innovation

Sports broadcasting: Distributing sports content better across the continent. Carving out Africa’s stake in the run-up to London 2012

Piracy: Initiatives so far; does digital media offer new ways to control piracy ?

Wrap up: 

• Strategies to build an African film industry : Setting up synergies, collaboration and partnerships across the continent

• Content distribution across Africa and distribution of African content globally: Finding the right platform.

• Major content distributors in Africa

Film Distribution

Wholesale: Few players with sourcing issues.

Retail: Major cinema networks; mobile circuits. What works and what does not?


African cinema is dead. Long live African cinemas!

Finding new business models for new audiences. Africa’s new cinemas: Can they generate the missing box office revenues? Alternative cinema networks

The TV Market 

Free-To-Air TV sector

Pay TV sector: How to extend services to the bottom of the pyramid? An Analysis of current and future projections, opportunities

International television channels.

African diaspora channels and ethnic bouquets in/outside of Africa

TV advertising in Africa – Pressure on margins (Kenya Case Study)

Changes in audiences and advertising in broadcasting – Future fragmentation

Case study: Social media and broadcasters (Facebook, Twitter and You Tube) 


• The new media landscape: are African broadcasters under threat? 

• The broadcasters’ corner: What needs to be done to become more successful?

• Advertising models to support free-to-air content

• Pay TV: setting up new hybrid packages that work

Wrap up: 

Differentiation strategies for TV stations in Africa

CD/DVD retail networks:

• Nollywood vs. South Africa model

• New technology delivering broadcast content

• Technological innovation – improving services, driving down costs and extending coverage.

How to achieve the digital transition by 2015: Of 54 countries on the continent, only one country has completed the transition (Mauritius) and only nine have started the transition. 


• Consumer interests and concerns: How to maximise consumer benefits and take-up. 

DTH satellite – Potential for new business models 

FTTH, Cable and IPTV

Mobile TV and radio

Broadcast revenue opportunities with new delivery formats and formulas: Driving new formats by using social media - How multi-screen changes the game? HD and 3DTV; VoD; multi-play; catch-up TV; and web-streaming.

Multi-screen - connected devices and audiences.


• DTH satellite – Potential for new business models

• The impact of convergence: IP-TV and mobile broadcasting

• 3D: what is the state of the market?

• Live casts and web streaming: A broadcaster’s friend or foe

• Can telecoms service providers support local content?

• What is the next step to set up triple play packages across the continent?

• Making money out of catch-up TV and beyond

• The impact of social media – developing multi-media platforms

Wrap up: 

Broadcasters and distributors: Reviving and boosting the legal African film distribution sector 

Specialist Parallel Sessions

• Africa’s radio market

Innovative radio broadcasting

Business models to develop profitability of radio stations

Case study: The impact of international broadcasters in the East African radio market


Radio broadcasting innovation: New technologies and business models

Wrap up:

• Differentiation strategies for radio stations in Africa.

. Audiovisual Audience trends

Increasing African TV and Radio audiences

African audience trends overview: The missing piece - Comparisons between countries and regions

Wrap up:

• Building regular media audience surveys across the continent to capture advertising revenues

Special Features at BFMA 2012

• African Film-makers Pavilion (for start-ups)

• Animators Pavilion

• Digital Media Innovators Pavilion

• Radio Broadcasters Networking Hub

• The African Electonic Media Business Exchange (in partnership with FilmBiz Africa)

To participate in any of these special features, email [email protected]


Selected testimonials from last year


Karua Diana, Producer, Anamorphic Films – “The conference was well executed the topics very specific and the speakers were thorough. I enjoyed the conference.”

Jonathan Munyi, Marketing Dirtector, Rift Solution – “AITEC is a great facilitator, truly invaluable to the African business community.” 

Nyokabi Kaura, Producer and MD, Visuals Media – ‘’We would like to work with you to promote you in Uganda,you are doing a great job for bringing people and ideas together for the betterment of all.’’ 

Pantaleo Ogeto, Character Designer, Homeboyz – “Job well done. Thank you for supporting animation in Kenya.” 

Allan Mwaniki, Animation Director, Homeboyz – “Excellent conference - a great platform for film makers an excellent platform for animators.” 

Princess Sungu, Marketing Manager, FilmBiz Africa – “This exhibition rockedd. I cannot believe how many people I met and many friends I made. Thank you AITEC love.” 

Joe Bankole, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, News Agency of Nigeria – “I believe the conference was worth the effort. It has provided the road map for development in the relevant spheres in the coming years. Kudos to AITEC.” 

Joseph Mcdonald, Associate, Global Consulting Partners – “Thanks. The conference was very insightful. And I was able to network with people across Africa.” 

Wanjiku Kiniaru, Producer – “It was a well thought executed idea the film industry needs to be well aware of the events like this so we may have an industry that stands alone in 5 years.” 

Olang Mwenzo, Producer, East Africa Media Institute – “You have given me the wings and shown me the way, let’s fly together.” 

Evans Okech, Production Crew, REPSAJ – “AITEC is really for networking, learning and doing business.” 

David Martin, Station Director, Christian Radio Network – “Thank you AITEC for the opportunity. To me information is power and now I feel more empowered for what the future of media in Africa will bring my way.”

Antony Njeru, Film Maker, Providence Films - “BFA brings together ideas, information and minds to share and exchange mutually beneficial infromation in a rapidly changing and globalised world.” 

Clifford B.Okumu, Script Writer, Celestial Touch Studio – “The conference is a hive of information and mind bogging revelations on new media trends. Kudos AITEC.” 

Timothy Wox, Web Designer, NIT – “An excellent programme to motivate the industry.” 

Abraham Mariitu, Station Manager, Ghetto FM – “Thank you BFA for bringing us together for the development of the media in Africa.” 

Arthur Goldstuck, MD, World Wide Worx – “Thanks for a great event in Kenya, with much learning”. 

Mark Anderson, Marketing Operations Manager, VISLINK International Ltd – “We were very pleased with the show and found the quality of visitor excellent. Although we have previously done well in South Africa and the Northern African countries it is our intention to implement a more focussed approach to the whole African market and this was an extremely useful starting point.”

Target Audience

The conference will gather managers and professionals from:

National television stations

National radio stations.

Pay TV companies using cable, IP-TV or satellite.

International broadcasting services like CNN, BBC, NBC, VOA, Central China TV, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, Radio Japan, Radio Moscow, Radio France International and Radio Netherlands.

Television and film production companies.

Facilities providers including production equipment hire, post-production and outside broadcast.

Organisations like donors and faith-based organisations that run their own broadcast organisations for development purposes.

Television and film equipment vendors and satellite capacity suppliers.

Advertising and marketing agencies.

Mobile and fixed telecoms operators looking at convergence opportunities.

Library facilities and storage facilities for music, commercials and programmes.


The BFMA exhibition is a unique marketing platform for international and local suppliers of broadcast, film-making and other media equipment and services to network and sell to business visitors from across the full media industry.


Register to the conference now, spaces are limited: email [email protected] or log on to

For exhibition stands and sponsorship opportunities, contact: [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1480 880774

We welcome conference presentation ideas in other areas. To propose a presentation or participate in a panel discussion, email Sean Moroney on [email protected]

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Broadcast, Film and Music Africa 2012

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